About Me

I personally know the heartache and devastation divorce can cause us because I've been there. Through the Bible-based tools presented in “Destiny After Divorce”, I not only found my way to inner healing but have gone on to help many others just like you do the same. In this book I address the topics and utilizes materials from my successful divorce recovery classes.

My ministry started out by working with divorced men and women for several years to help them through their healing journey. I have personally found the key to moving into God’s destiny for our lives is to allow Him to heal our hearts from past emotional wounds, as well as those generated through a divorce. Through this inner healing we can effectively let go of our past and move into our new paths of restoration spiritually, emotionally and relationally.

With an alarming statistic of 67% of divorcee’s remarrying only to find themselves divorcing again for the second, third, of even fourth time around, (according to Jennifer Baker of the Forest Institute of Professional Psychology in Springfield, Missouri) something needs to change. It is my hope that these men and women discover and incorporate the faith-filled tools that I outline in my #1 Best Selling book on Amazon, ‘Destiny After Divorce’, to successfully move through the painful process of divorce and truly find healing for our broken hearts. Then we can move into successful singleness which leads to successful marriages!

My Background

In addition to being a Best Selling Author, Speaker and Certified Life Coach, I now hold a Pastoral Counseling Certificate. It is my hope that people discover how they truly can move forward with a restored heart, free from their painful past and in to their God-designed destiny through coaching and counseling as well as through my classes.

I have a deep passion for healing the devastation caused from our past as well as current life situations such as divorce. After a divorce our life paths often change. It is my focus to provide support to divorced men and women so they can move into their personal new paths of restoration spiritually, economically and relationally. However I have successfully worked with married couples to help retore their marriage as well as children and teens dealing with divorce of their parents. Through my ministry I often also support seniors who have grandchildren who have been affected by divorce and how they can support them.

In my life I have personally sought and found the manageable steps to help me move into God’s destiny for my life by to allowing Him to heal my heart from past emotional wounds, as well as those generated through divorce. My Best Selling book “Destiny After Divorce’ is a compilation of my successful program. My life experiences and professional training has effectively helped me help hundreds of men and women move into their new paths of restoration spiritually, emotionally and relationally.


Here are a few of Coree’s speaking topics.

  • Does God Still Love Me?

  • Dream Big! Live Your Destiny Path

  • Avoiding The Potholes Through Healthy Boundaries

  • New Life, New Me!

  • Effective Parenting And Divorce

  • Grand Parenting Through Divorce

  • Help! My Grandchildren Are Moving In!


Coree Sullivan is originally from and currently resides in Northern Colorado. She has two married daughters and 6 grandchildren. Much of her adult life has been in sales and marketing. She is active in the Sozo Freedom Steps  ministry of Northern Colorado and leads a divorce recovery class as well. She started the Divorce Recovery program at Resurrection Church in January 2013 with the materials she now has in her #1 best selling book, Destiny After Divorce. Through this program she has been able to help hundreds of men and women find their healing of past and present wounds so they can move into healthy relationships and marriages as well as, in some cases, restore their former marriages.


My Hobbies

When I'm not at work, I really love to hike, dance, play golf, paddle board and travel. I also enjoy reading, horseback riding, and writing. I am a fan of anything my children and grandchildren do as well!

My Favorite Things

I love warm sunny days, especially if there are mountains or a beach involved. My favorite color is red because it reminds me of the fragrance of roses. I live in Northern Colorado near my children and grandchildren. Recently I became a great-grandmother which is just amazing to me! How precious they all are to me!