Divorce is such an ugly word! It means the death of a marriage, lost dreams, heartache, and broken promises. It means families are torn apart, hearts are shattered, and you are now alone. It means that you didn’t get your happily ever after.

Millions of questions run through your head such as who am I now, where do I go from here, how will my children make it through, what about my finances, and more often than not, the question of “how did I get here”?

I’ve been there…more than once. I know the pain, heartache, and turmoil divorce causes us. I also know now that if we don’t take the time to heal, and I mean truly heal our hearts, we will make the same mistakes. That’s what I did. I listened to the world’s voice of “Get back out there! Get back on the horse!” I ended up with a lot of heart ache and feels of emptiness. Years before I had turned a deaf ear to God’s voice because I didn’t feel I was worthy of His grace, mercy, or love. One day I cried out to Him for help and He answered me! From that day forward I began rebuilding my relationship with Father God and my healing began!

It is true that God hates divorce. He hates it because of what it does to our hearts, minds, bodies, and families. The destruction is devastating. But God…that phrase is the key…but God! He has a plan to heal your broken heart! He is faithful to restore and renew too, if we just let Him.

You may be divorced or going through one now but God still has a wonderful destiny for your life, it hasn’t changed. It is still waiting for you, if you’re ready to let Him come along side you and help you! The information in this book has helped many just like you… men and women, young and old, recently divorced or divorced for 25 years or more. I encourage you to take your first step toward the healing your heart needs and move into your destiny today! Order my #1 Best Selling book and workbook and begin navigating the path to your bright future!